Monday, March 24, 2014

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pindah Rumah

Moved! My different phase of life deserves another blog. This one is full with the happies and sads memories. Whichever one'd be more abundant, I hope to fill the other with just, more. :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hierarchy On The Road

My sister has come to a conclusion. The top of the pyramid level on the road system, I present to you the current king(s) of the road..

Yep, the cows. Gone are the days where the cows grazed on GRASS at their own leisure pace. Now, they dominate the roads.The last driving lesson I had, I was THIS CLOSE to knocking down two cows that look similar to the ones in this picture. I was put-put-ing along the road at prolly 30km/h and two came out of nowhere, strolled their way across the road. Ugh. I have nothing against animals ok, whatmore cows which do absolutely no harm EXCEPT CROSSING THE ROAD BLINDLY. The Kancil was positively 1/4 the size of that one cow. 

And next, second place goes to ..

The motorcyclists. No wait, the motorcyclists, in Malaysia. I'm not saying all are bad, only some. But the bad ones, drive in the middle of the road taking their own sweet time as if it is their grandfathers' road and we cannot overtake them cos' they're in the middle of the road! Then there are the too fast ones who think they're the only humans on the road.

Then there's us. The car-ists. Stuck in between cos' when we hit the cows, we might possibly break a bone/die/car die and when we hit em' motorcyclists, they might possibly break a bone/die/car die. Sigh, woe is us, really.

Ok enough about roads, im going to stardee!

Becoz my blog haz no pikchars.

Haaaai! Totallee forgot I wanted to blog about both the Arsenal and Liverpool matches because I wanted to tell youuuu...

HOW FUN THEY WERE! Festival-ish, but better! :D

Actually that wasnt the main purpose of blogging about it because what I really wanted to tell youuuu is..


Doesn't he look a bit like Torres??? He looks a little awkward in pictures but he is really kiut in person. :D And really good too.

Ok I ALSO wanted to tell you about this particular guy who sat in front of me during the Arsenal game...


When he reached his seat, he wiped his chair LONG AND HARD. Then his friend offered some water and he wiped it with water EVEN LONGER. Then, he wiped the seat beside him LOOOONG AND HARD to. put. his. bag. hahahaha. Then he decided it isn't clean enough, he puts two A4 papers underneath then, rests his bag there. Even I didnt wipe my chair! The whole way through, he kept wiping this and that and that. (reminded me of my mom actually cos' my mom's you know.. fussy like that.) And when someone smoked in front of him, he tried blowing the smoke away. HAHA. Kinda worked actually.

Then there was this Malay guy beside my dad, superrrr gung-ho for Malaysia at the beginning and halfway through half-time, his head in his hands with the stressessssssttttttt face ever!

Those and how Malaysian football has improved so so much absolutely made my day. :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011



Just kidding.

Was driving on a terribly bumpy. rocky, hilly, dusty, bad, narrow road fit for a Kancil only when..

Me: Um. *concentrates*
UA: No Lilian! LOOK! the blue gate one! saw or not???!!!
Me: Yah. *turns fast and then back to the road* saw. 
UA: Eh LOOK! The durian tree so big! They plant durian trees one you know!
Me: mmmm. 
UA: There there that one! *points excitedly*
Me: *eyes on the road eyes on the road* *turns quickly* yah saw. *prepares to turn left*
UA: Eh look at the jam there! *points to the right* Eh change gear! 

But i loikes. Made me feel nice. Leg cramp tho. Hahaha.
Mati enjin few times. I scares also.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Passion not Position

"A great leader's courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position." -John C. Maxwell

You can be a leader.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Love, Your Favourite Science Students

In the train..

Me: You silly!
Kate: YOU silly!

Kate: Pork chops!
Me: Pork sternum
Kate: Pork nose
Me: Pork phalanges

Thursday, July 7, 2011

No believe


Ok maybe not, but prolly is the tiring-est outing of my life. with the two sillies of course and this time with Afiqah too. It was shopping in MidV first then took a train again to Pavilion all for Forever 21. Walked on the glorious streets of KL which i absolutely LOVE. Gives me the I'm-in-a-foreign-land feeling. I love how we could just walk on the pavements, how shops were outside, and how much bustling was going on outdoors. Had to peel my eyes wide open and all fishbally tho what with all the traffic and the throng of people and more people harassing me with various promotions/nonsense/chinese words that sound like promotions. But magad! They have traffic lights for pedestrians! After spending our forever in Forever 21 (not meant to be a joke) we left Pavi to go back to KL Central and this was when our adventure started! :D

Waited for the train for ages because Malaysian public transport is so very fast (-.-) and when it arrived the first time round, we missed it. Malaysians are scary people I tell you. They refuse to allow people to come out of the train and just charge in without mercy. I is scaresss. Selfish people too, refusing to move in into spaces. Waited for half an hour again and missed it the second time! By then, it was nearly 7 and we were tired beyond belief. So we gave up and called Fy's dad to come pick us. Took the train to KLCC and shopped somemore. Kate and I even hobo-ed out at Uniqlo's dressing rooms while waiting for Fy. Sat on the floor and made ourselves comfortable :) In fact, we even sat on the train station's platform while waiting for the train. Gwaaah, terribly hungers, tired and achey when I FINALLY got home at 10. I AM UNFIT I KNOW!

Not the best day for an outing today but so very fun. Trolled on hot guys and learnt a whole lot about the train stations. Pro :D

Sunday, July 3, 2011


"A mount of gold. A pile of mud. Which, is more useful?
"Gold, of course."
"But, to a seed?"
"Everyone has a purpose"

Thursday, June 30, 2011


Everyone else wants to be that girl. But, who's going to be you?

Friday, June 24, 2011

With Spades and Hearts

And deep down, I just want to live in the coziest cottage by the river, run a coffee shop, have dinner with my family every single night, run around this massive forest we call garden, and grow old.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


This, is what keeps us going on! 
Some of the testimonies from our Youth related to El Elyon 2011! Here's one:

"The presence of God was definitely there on the night of El Elyon. It put back into perspective the greatness of our God and His love for us. And there’s no better thing in the world than just being in the presence of the Holy Spirit. I’m falling in love with God all over again. =)"

Monday, June 13, 2011

Today I Realise..

my class, the supposedly nerdy class, 5 Dedikasi (HEY WE ARE NOT NERDS OKAY) (We are people with perfectly normal live-ish lives!) (We don't study 24/7 and we watch HIMYM and and Phineas and Ferb and sometimes talk to ourselves ok!) 

is pretty dysfunctional.

With Five Months To Go!


Just want to tell you, my dearest monitor and keyboard, how my first day back in school after two weeks of holiday went. :) Let's start off with the morning shall we. I.. had absolutely no trouble waking up today! woohoo *dances around room* Didn't fall asleep in the toilet eitherrrrr!

Okeh so today is Monday. And Lord knows WE ALL HATE MONDAYS. To add to the absolutely as usual boring assembly and the bacaan doa and the FOUR songs and the ikrar and multiple teachers' nagging, the weather today is exceptionally hot! IN THE MORNING! I hate it when I start sweating early in the morning. Ugh. >;(

So, we got a few papers back and they're all pretty good (PTL!) but I can't really be too bothered anymore what with all these frequently crazy exam bombs. Slept during the first two periods too. Nurse Martini came to check our teeth today. Made jokes about shorter people. Be hated by Ying and hated her back. Didn't get to talk nonsense with Ying cos' we were hating each other (sad). Spazzed with a few about going to see Liverpool (YES YES YESSSS!) Complained about how my body is STILL aching. Yeah.. that's about it.

Ohhhh, do you know how long more it is till SPM????

I didn't count too.

Can't wait for a holiday! :D

And I shall be a good girl this week :) Next week marks the start of my ponteng-ing for the second semester!

And, i'm going to migrate to Switzerland sooooon! :)


I will. When I get a heat stroke.


there's no answer to them, and i guess there never will be any, no matter how much the mind - or heart tries.